The Krambach Classic Started as a memorial event for our brother, Brad Bending, who took his own life in 2012. Each year it has grown, doubling in numbers. This year we had around 130 campers!

While it remains a memorial it has evolved into an annual awareness and fundraising event — providing men a chance to take a break from their day-to-day lives, spending a few days relaxing and having fun.

It is a long weekend, generally held a couple of weeks before Easter where you can surf, play golf, listen to live music, eat good food, have a few beers and talk to your mates.

On the Friday we hold an event called Surf for the Fallen. This is a relatively new thing that we have started over the last couple of years, where we meet for an early surf on the Friday morning. We would like to encourage all participants who can sneak the day off to join in on the fun. The Venue will be chosen closer to the event(pending conditions).In the past we have surfed at Boomerang beach and Wallaby Point.Even if your not a keen surfer come down and enjoy the beach.Everyone who turns up will be entered into the Surf For The Fallen prize draw. Along with some prizes for best manoeuvre ,Best wipe out ect.

After a day at the beach we meet back at Bunyah, a 110 Acre property owned by Wes Bending for the last 10 years. It is around a 3 hour drive north of Sydney and this is where the festivities take place. We have a massive hardwood stage for formalities and bands. We have also kept the Classic in mind while building all structures and are relatively well set up for entertaining and cooking.

We plan to have accommodation for the VIP musicians completed this year to encourage the highest standard of musical geniuses to get involved.
Those who can’t get the Friday off work we encourage to be at the farm no later than 7 pm as this is when we have our golfers draw and auction.

We play 2 ball Ambrose. This means that you play in a team of 2 golfers where you both hit the ball and then play on from the better shot. We like to go around the course in groups of 8 (4 teams of 2), depending on numbers. Each group has a team captain who is nominated as an allegedly “good” golfer.

The nominated golfers are auctioned off.

If you want to be paired up with a golfer that knows his way around a golf course, and give yourself a better chance of having the prestige of taking out the Krambach Classic, you have to pay for it! This year we had 12 teams of 8, so 12 golfers were auctioned off raising around $500 each. We also auctioned off 4 golf buggies and some of the larger items that where donated. We had a proper auctioneer donate his time for this.

After the auctioned golfers have been paired up we then randomly draw the rest of the golfers, meaning that you could get paired up with someone that you don’t necessarily know. We find that this adds to the event creating a friendly “get to know each other” atmosphere. Each team of 8 is designated an NRL side and they wear that teams socks.

So the Friday night involves welcoming guests, heaps of good food, golf auction and teams draw. This is also when we hand out the “show bags”.
This year each show bag contained information about Lifeline’s services and contact details, a pair of sunglasses, a Krambach Classic t-shirt, a Krambach Classic beer cooler, your golf teams replica NRL socks and some second hand golf balls. Everyone that comes gets a show bag!

We supply buses to get everyone to and from the golf course safely. The buses leave the farm at 8am on Saturday morning. Breakfast is provided on arrival at the golf club and before we tee off we have some formalities. We have another welcome, some guest speakers, a tribute/remembrance song and a quick run down on the rules.

We have a shot gun start. This is where people start off of every hole at the same time as we have so many people to get around the golf course. A food tent is set up so that people can grab lunch on the way around the course, from which we sell raffle tickets. This year we had prizes like fishing rods, a $1,000 webber BBQ, signed Manly jersey, Volcom vouchers, gym membership, Calvin Klein packs and a $1,200 watch to raffle off. In the event of a tie for first place we have a 2 hole play-off with the gallery following. The winning team of the golf receive a whole butchered cow to share. The longest drive receives a whole butchered lamb.

The Krambach golf course is shutting down as its being sold. Next year we will be heading to Bulahdelah golf course. They have been contacted and are willing to cancel their members day to accommodate us.

Arriving back at the farm after golf you walk straight into another feed. This year we had a whole lamb and whole pig on the spit cooked while golf was on. Some other things on the menu include Brazilian BBQ, peking duck pancakes and pizzas constantly pouring out from the wood fire pizza oven we built a few years back.

After dinner the party begins.

We have the awards ceremony and the presentation of the winners blazers. These are blazers that stay at the farm but awarded to the winning golfers who have their name embroidered under the previous winners. Then we have live music for the rest of the night.

This year we were tested with 6 weeks of rain in the lead up to the event. We set up tarps and had 60 tonne of gravel delivered so as to make it comfortable for our guests. We feel that we succeeded in some pretty testing circumstances and that we are ready to grow even bigger.

We want people to come who will relate to, and benefit from, the focus on mental health issues. We aren’t interested in people that only want to come to go on a bender and we have some ideas on how to do this.

Every year we double in numbers and quadruple moneys raised.With your help this year we hope to raise over 50k along with increasing awareness through out the community.

Mental Health matters.