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Spud Brennan

What a great weekend out at Krambach i had with over 100 fellas , all there to support the illness of depression , an illness that effects guys and girls from all ages..

The day started with some food and drinks , then we were all put into teams to play an interesting game of golf, where the greens are fenced off to stop the cattle from crossing ..

Over the course of the day, drinks were drunk , balls were lost and new friends were made..
Finishing off the day we all headed back to Wez’s farm house to set up camp and enjoy incredible food and live music, and a few more ales to relax with.

To me personally , the Krambach classic made me understand the severity of the illness, and that talking and being with mates is a major part of the healing process of this terrible illness.
A big thanks goes out to the Bending family , for their generosity and support at the Krambach Classic

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Clay Denoon

Such a great weekend to get the boys together too vent and let some steam off. Have to commend the Bending bros for their commitment to the cause, it’s only going to get bigger with more money raised.

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Brad Ayers

The Krambach Classic is one of the most positive things I’ve been involved in. The food and the music are awesome, the golf is a hoot, but it’s the sense of connection that has the biggest effect. I’m sure everyone, like me, goes back to their individual lives knowing they’ve been a part of something pretty special.

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mick john

Mick Johns

The 2017 Krambac classic has developed into a must attend event . The Bending brothers have not only created an event which is really well catered both in food and live entertainment they have created an event which brings all the old mates together . This alone can only be a good thing as bringing old mates together brings out stories and ultimately lets us all talk about Brad and how to avoid our loss of him and others .
The money raised from this great event is divided up between various lifeline agencies and is very warmly accepted so we should all be very proud of the money raised.

2018 is expected to be even better so lock in the dates and we will see you all there .

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Andrew Lee

What can I say I came to Sydney knowing 2 people. Started work and met one of best blokes blokes you could meet who seems to be the unofficial Mayor of Cromer called Ben Carpo. Through Ben I met this farmer/ plumber/ VISIONARY called Wez Bending who has this small slightly unorthodox farm in Bunyah. I had been going to farm on and off and met many new friends through the Bunyah commune getaways that occur through out the year. But there was one weekend I was looking forward to the most. The krambach classic. My first year there was 2015 a gathering of close friends and friends of friends joining to play golf, eat meat and have a great time in memory of Rob and Wez Bending’s brother Brad, a man i have heard so much about in my 3 years of going to Krambach classic, yet I never had the pleasure of meeting him due to him sadly taking his own life after struggling with depression.

This is what the Krambach classics about getting guys together and talking, asking friends and new friends you meet that weekend “ARE YOU OK!!!” 3 simple words. It’s surprising what people tell you. I had on my second year a complete stranger tell me about there darkest times and how he struggled with the black dog of depression for many years and how they had tried to take their own life. The weekend is about making blokes aware it’s ok to talk and phone a friend out the blue and see if they are ok. Talking helps.

Now to this years event just gone …..THE 2017 Krambach classic. Well things have grown since my first year there in 2015, 2 bands playing 4-5 hours of amazing music, more meat than any man could possibly eat enough,beer to fill 5 Olympic swimming pools, the legend that is Yarn “spell it Jan” singing on the mic. 120+blokes getting lose having fun and raising money and awareness for a good cause all in memory of a great guy. This year Wez, Rob and those who helped organise this massive event raised $12,500 for lifeline. This is epic, not only that, a 120 blokes went away with new mates and knowing it’s ok to talk about the shit in your life that’s hard to deal with. Depression is a real disease, lets man up about it and talk, bottling it up doesn’t help, talk to a friend a stranger, any one, pick up the phone to lifeline , this is what the real message of the weekend is all about.
This is a weekend you will never forget, the music is of the chart, the food amazing, the company is unreal and most importantly the message is strong.
A huge thanks to all the Epiphany INC crew, Wez, RoB and Jan, you guys are legends for making this happen every year.

Thank you,

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Cameron Dixon

This weekend means so much to me.

A weekend away that began as a few mates getting together to remember the loss of a close friend and brother that has now grown to become an event of epic proportions that is the first entry in my diary each year.

A weekend that provides us with an outlet, a release from the stress and pressure of day to day life.

An opportunity to catch up with old mates, and to make a few new ones.

A chance for those of us who are maybe struggling a bit to realise that they are not alone, that we are all in this together and that we are here to lend an ear, lend a hand or to just be there for each other.

Such a well organised event. I have so much admiration and respect for the guys who work so hard to make this weekend happen.

Thanks guys
Cameron Dixon

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Mathew Planton

The Krambach Classic is a weekend not too be missed. A small event that started out to celebrate a close mates life, lost to a dark demon which is out there ruining a lot of lives Depression!! This event has grown year by year to festival like proportions where we can getaway from the big smoke , catch up with mates old & new. Where we can talk about anything, listen to some great music, eat meat , drink beer & support a very worthy cause!! An absolute ball tearer of a weekend not to be missed!!

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Bradley Spillane

A weekend away with your mates to talk of all the things that men wouldn’t normally talk of. It gives us all a chance to share and pull together to really get behind what matters most, suicide prevention

Thank you,

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